How It Works

1) Subscribe on our menu page and choose a crate.


3) We then deliver to your home a wooden crate containing your cupboard essentials  in reusable, eco friendly cotton bags and household products in refillable glass bottles.  

4) Every month we deliver refills of your items and collect the old cotton bags and glass bottles in order to reuse. 

5) The price of your crate also includes the cost of the cotton bags, crates and free delivery.  There will be a £5.00 deposit added on your first crate for the glass bottles. 

*We are a refill delivery service with NO USE OF PLASTIC and NO WASTE.


* We take responsibility for maintaining and replacing the cotton bags, glass bottles and crates.

* It is important that customers do not refill the cotton bags or glass bottles with another product as this can contaminate the contents when refilled. 

*All the crates have been recycled.


1) We deliver every Tuesday and Thursday. 

2) Your refills will be delivered on the same week, every month, as your first crate. 

3) Please let us know if your would like to change your delivery date or have any specific delivery requirements.